Why use Bermuda for your Investment needs?

Utilizing offshore investment facilities can provide benefits in a number of areas, dependent on your specific circumstances. Offshore jurisdictions are much less “litigation” friendly, providing a degree of protection for your assets. Privacy and secrecy laws and regulations protect your personal information.

Most offshore jurisdictions are a no tax or low tax locale, and under the right conditions, these no or low tax jurisdictions can provide relief from current or future taxes. Offshore investment facilities can provide unlimited investment opportunities, free of exchange controls and investment limitations imposed by your resident country.

The Benefits

  • No local taxes. There is currently no income tax, non-resident tax, capital gains tax or other similar taxes in Bermuda.
  • Privacy. No reporting of income or ownership to any government agency.
  • Stable Environment. Bermuda has a stable government, a sophisticated infrastructure, and a strong economy based on international business and tourism.
  • Investment Freedom. No restrictions on investment purchases.
  • Tax shelter. Through the use of trusts and private corporations, individuals may be able to shelter some of their assets from several forms of taxation in their declared domicile.
  • Asset protection. Offshore trusts and corporations can provide for asset protection from litigation and creditors.