Financial Services

Bermuda Offshore Investment Services (“BOIS”) is one of Bermuda’s most comprehensive and dynamic independent investment firms. We offer investment advisory services, financial planning services, and financial consulting services:

  • Investment management for corporations, individuals, institutions, trusts and private holding companies
  • Segregated and comprehensive financial planning
  • Strategic investment portfolio planning
  • Estate planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Business succession planning.

Investment Products

There is a broad array of investment opportunities available to onshore and offshore investors. Bermuda Offshore Investment Services represents many of the best managed investment products from the best known names the international investments field. For a variety of reasons, we recommend the use of mutual fund investments for most of our clients, as we believe they represent the best mid to long term investment choice for many investors. Mutual Funds from well-known, internationally recognized Fund Companies provide an element of comfort and security for offshore investors. Our investment products range from relatively conservative well-diversified global equity funds to aggressive hedge funds, REIT funds, country and industry specific funds, as well as emerging market and high yield bond funds. 
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Mutual Fund Sites

Consolidated Canadian domiciled fund information can be found at

Consolidated Offshore domiciled fund information can be found at

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